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If you want to download PyPE or check any of the other information about the project, head to

PyPE is currently developed on a Windows machine with occasional testing on Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Fedora Core 5 via Parallels workstation. I do not have access to a Mac, but I would certainly like to support the platform better than what I'm currently doing (waiting for someone to submit bug reports).

If you would like to donate some money to help me purchase a Mac Mini, or even just want to express your appreciation for having PyPE, please do. Everyone who supports PyPE via donation will have their name and the amount they donated (if desired) posted on the Support page. Submission of extraordinary amounts will probably get you something more.

About PyPE
PyPE (Python Programmers' Editor) is an editor written in Python with the wxPython GUI toolkit. Releases occur when sufficient (or extraordinary) bugs are fixed, features are added, etc.

What other people have to say about PyPE
"Today I came across PyPE. I know it is not an IDE!! But.... it looks very nice with the functionalities that I need." - Ernesto Costa

"Keep up the good work on PyPE, I totally love it!" - Jonathan Henry

"Hi there. I just wanted to drop you a quick line saying that I've been using PyPE and really like it. It does exactly what I need it to, and no more, which is absolutely stupendous." - Dylan Herbert

"I love this thing! I'm switching from IDLE to this :-D. THANKS!" - Jeff Hodges

"As others have said, it does exactly what I want. Except one thing (unless I missed it). I really like idle's ability to comment/uncomment multiple lines at one time. So I modified some code from PythonCard's codeEditor (now my second favorite editor) and added it to pype." - Mark Tipton
(Mark Tipton's modifications were included in PyPE 1.4. If there is some feature you want, and don't want to wait for it, feel free to add it in and send me your version or even a diff against the version you edited.)

About the author
You want to know about me? My web page is, which should have about as much information about me as you could ever want.