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2.6.3 running on a Mac
This screenshot is thanks to Ernesto Costa who uses PyPE on a Mac. You will note the tiny font; this will be remedied with a command-line option in 2.6.4 . Ernesto is also working with me to get the Python shell working, and the Command shell to display a prompt. If I had a mac, it would have already been fixed.
2.5 Prerelease on Linux
browsable source tree working on linux, along with new "tools" the filterable definition list
Spell Checker with find/replace bar integration The external-process Python shell. Because the shell runs in an external process, PyPE is not susceptible to the 'while 1: pass' nit as some other editors. Also, because the external shell is a vanilla Python shell, hitting ctrl+break repeatedly kills the underlying Python shell, rather than sending a keyboard interrupt (ctrl+c copies the selected text).
Updated find-in-files tab
2.0 Beta 2 and Alpha 1
The old "find in files" dialog integrated into the Todo/Log bar, initial version of the find/replace bar, and showing how the side and bottom bars can be relocated. Shows a partially-complete 'find while typing' box below the document (similar to Mozilla Firefox functionality), a built-in log (shown at the bottom), icons for documents in both the notebook tabs, as well as the document list on the right. Reordering documents is done by dragging documents in the document list on the right. The todo list supports arbitrary tagging, use "#todo: " for todo, "#bug: " for bugs, etc.
Shot of the browsable source tree and optional todo list. The browsable source tree has been available since PyPE 1.3, todo list since 1.7. (I forgot to make a screenshot that showed either). Version was an internal test version that become 1.9.1 with few changes. Shot of the menu item and hotkey editor included with 1.9.
A shot of the "new" autocomplete. A shot of tooltips.
Third minor release, version 1.3
Second minor release, version 1.2
Initial release, version 1.0