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PyPE is hosted at Sourceforge. You can submit bug reports, feature requests, patches, download the latest version, etc. here:

Why and how to donate
PyPE is currently developed on a Windows machine with occasional testing on [U|Ku|Xu]buntu and Fedora Core 5 via VMware. I do not have access to a Mac, but I would certainly like to support the platform better than what I'm currently doing (waiting for someone to submit bug reports).

If you would like to donate some money to help me purchase a Mac Mini, or even just want to express your appreciation for having PyPE, please do. Everyone who supports PyPE via donation will have their name and the amount they donated (if desired) posted here. Submission of extraordinary amounts will probably get you something more.

If you want to keep PyPE updating in a timely manner, or you appreciate the work that has gone into creating PyPE, please donate to PyPE:

People who have donated:
Zerkowski Christophe ($10) October, 2006 PyPE's first donation! - forgot to update until March, 2007 :(
James Chiang ($20) March, 2007